About us

Nakatani Group is a property Development company based in Phuket Thailand that specializes in developing luxurious ocean view communities to international standards.

The Group was established by Mrs. Yaowaluk Sangaimkul in 1989 as real estate developer and is currently one of the biggest developers in Phuket.

Mrs. Yaowaluk belongs to the “Sangaimkul Family”, who owns the Keehin group. Keehin Group. Formed back in 1932 the group is now the top Infrastructure Developer and Electrical and Construction Supplier in Southern Thailand. Expertise includes such as Electrical systems, Water systems, Pressure systems, Mining Equipment supplies, Air conditioning systems, Electrical devices, Construction material supplies and sanitary ware supplies etc. Through it’s ” Family” connection, the Nakatani Group always strive to excel.

We pride ourselves on understanding what our clients expect to see in a resort property and this is replicated in our business development philosophy. We are the first company that brought in the modern technology of developing the Underground electrical and water system to Southern Thailand.

As a person that appreciates nature, Mrs. Yaowaluk remains objective when it comes to building homes. Her philosophy is to try and keep the surrounding landscape to enhance the beautiful of the development.